1972 Chrysler Conqueror Shallow Vee Project!

Well here she is after from returning for Kansas to pick it up, my wife told me I should have left it there...HAHA

As you can see she is a real gem! more like a diamond in the rough notice the nice seats...

Here's the transom, and man was she in sorry shape, If I only knew when I bought it the work that lay ahead!


The bottom with the deck removed, the kids say it kind of looks like a rowboat.  Hmmmm A Shallow Row


As you look at the top of the Shallow you can see "old Salty" my 105 in the background, and one of my 4 Snorunners up on the right. Plus some of the other junk in the shop.

With the boat separated you can see the damage. Yuck, someone along the way tried reinforcing the transom with a plate and brackets on the inside but that was just a temp fix.




As you can see the transom was really in need of replacement.


What's left of the interior


You can see the 2 half's of the boat separated by the S-III.


All the wood out of the Transom

Another view of the transom with wood removed.

New wood glassed in Were making progress!

Another look at the New transom, we have it glassed in on the front and back!


With the floor up the nasty job of removing the soaked foam.


Foam all gone in the back, man what a nasty smell that vintage water gives off. The notches in the stringers is where the cross supports went. You can see them in the earlier pictures with the foam around them.


After seeing how bad be back is I can't wait to see how the front looks, but from what I'm seeing it looks like more of the same.


See the Water that's draining out of the front now that it can, what a mess, I had 8 garbage bags weighing about 60 pounds each, that might have hurt performance..>LOL