Pictures from the 2006 Chrysler Marine Nationals

at Orleans Trail Resort, Stockton, Mo

Saturday Night


Saturday night we were treated to a presentation by Bob Adair who was one of the Chrysler Design Stylist, Bob brought some of his drawings from over 30 years ago!



Bob was wonderful answering questions from the group and had everyone's attention throughout the night.


One of the concept drawings he did looks kind of plush.


Early Drawing of the CV-223 cruiser, looks pretty close to the way it ended up.


A interior concept



Here is Bob working on a Full size drawing, talk about getting into your work.



Bob working on a design


Then I had a DVD with 4 of the Chrysler films we purchased last year, and we showed them to the group. This was the first time the films had been seen outside my family in 30+ years.

Chrysler Marine advertised on NBC and the Tonight Show were spokespersons


Here's a picture from the 75 film showing a S-III Jet do a figure 8 Slide, we all wanted Brad to take us for a ride like this...LOL


Conqueror 135 from the film