Well As you can probably figure this web site grew out of a need of info on my own project and the lack of info on the powerboats and outboards from Chrysler Marine. When I bought my S-III Conqueror I had no Idea on it's rarity. But when I came across some Marine literature at a Mopar car show, well lets say thats where it all started. Not only did I find the info on my boat but the vendor had a whole pile of Marine literature from Chrysler. That day I bought all they had even the duplicates.

That was almost 2 years ago and the info and items I get I try to share with the whole group. I'm always looking for new items so if you know of someone with any Chrysler Marine stuff, dealer displays, what ever let me know...

And If you see a guy at the Mopar Nationals this summer wearing a Chrysler Crew shirt Say hello ... It'll Be Me!!!