Things I have collected


My Newest addition, A Chrysler Crew Clock, pretty cool don't you think!


Look at this a NOS Speedometer. I was given this as a Christmas gift by One of the Folks here in the group. I can never say Thanks enough!!!! Too Cool !!!!

A beach Bag to put your stuff in when you were heading out. This bag is in excellent shape! 

Brand NEW Temp and AMP Gauges

Now this is really Cool... A projector with film and Audio tapes for training. I hope to transfer them to CD-Rom or VHS someday...

And Look at this a ACTUAL SHOP COAT from the Hartford Outboard Plant!




Yep a "NOS" Chrysler Outboard sign Box dated 1967!!!!

Can you believe it 2 "NOS " coats in the original bags!!!

This is a 1969 Calendar, Each month has a different cruise listed pretty cool eh?


These Tumblers Have the Chrysler Crew Insignia on them and also a prop 90 deg from them

Bought these last summer just had to have them!


Bought these over the winter NEW never been sewn on Patches!!!