Chrysler Marine History


  Wow What a interesting thing to work on.. Tracking down the history of Chrysler Marine. Since this page was started I have met many wonderful folks who have been very helpful.

Chrysler started out in the Marine business by making engines for other manufacturers They started in 1926, and started supplying builders like Chris Craft with engines. At one point in the 40's Chrysler had about 40 percent of the marine engine market.

Lone Star boats started out in Grand Prairie, Texas back in the 50's...In 1962 Lone Star moved their manufacturing plant to International Parkway, in Plano, Texas.

Chrysler Buys Lone Star in 1965

I f you look at the  66 Brochures the Boats have both names Lone Star and Chrysler on them!!

Chrysler bought out West Bend Outboards in January,1965. This first year they were known as a Chrysler/West Bend outboard.
So Chrysler entered the boat and the outboard market with the 1966 model year.

I have talked to Rick who worked at Chrysler Outboard in Hartford and as he told me

"We were told that as part of the government bailout, Chrysler had to sell off all it's neonate related businesses and concentrate on it's auto business. I believe we were the last to go. We all knew it was up for sale. It took until
'84 to find a buyer for the outboard business. Unfortunately it was Bayliner. When Bayliner took over, it promised to keep the business open for at least 2 years. After the 2 year period it was sold to Brunswick. The rest is history. "
Thanks for the Insight!!!!

The Outboard Division was sold to U.S. Marine in 1984 who manufacture and market under the FORCE name


When Chrysler finally got out of the Marine business they sold the power boat division to Texas Marine International ( Exec's from the Chrysler Boat Corporation ) They soon after purchasing the boat company discontinued the powerboats to focus on the sailboat market, but it wasn't long and they folded.  Powerboat parts were sold by TMI to Doug Russell Marine, Worcester, Ma... The Sailboats were sold to  to Starwind Parts. Starwind Parts has since sold molds, Spare parts, sails, etc.