And you thought you had a bad day on the water!

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This story comes from Robert Crosby. Robert and his dad worked at the Chrysler boat plant in Plano, TX.

When I first met Robert on line he mentioned a story he'd share with me about a day with a S-III....

Well here it is in his own words!!!!

"About the S-lll. I was pulling a skier along the dam out at Lake Dallas.
Well there was this other boat and the driver was following to close behind
the skier I was pulling. When my skier fell I whipped the boat around to
protect my skier from the other boat. Remember I was only sixteen at the
time. So I made the mistake of turning in towards the dam and not away. As I
made the turn I came close to the dam and the drive unit struck a rock under
the water. The blow was on the side of the unit because I was in an extreme
turn. I am glad I did get back around to protect my skier because the other
driver was to close for comfort. After striking the rock the steering
bracket on the transom was snapped cleanly in two. To get back to the boat
slip we had to have someone hold onto the steering cable so that I could
steer the boat home. I did not know that I had broken the water seal around
the drive unit after tying the boat up at the dock. When the head boat
tester Andy came out the next day to replace the steering bracket he found
the boat floating at the deck line with all of the ropes tight as hell.
Needless to say I caught hell from Andy and my father. What a son I was.
When I think back on the hell I caused I am ashamed. Just a punk I guess.
Still, I loved driving that boat. The next year the only boat I got to drive
was an outboard. Do you remember the Funster? The babes just did not
understand that nice lime green color. But, I felt lucky my father let me
use a boat at all after that incident."

I doubt Roberts dad was ashamed, I bet we can all look back at things we

have done at a early age and wonder...Punk??? No ......Inexperienced maybe.. Great story!